smart phone apps help lose weight

Cell Phone Apps That Help You Lose Weight

Technology is all around us. Cellphones have become a fundamental part of society making them almost a necessity. Not only have we completely forgotten what…

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healthy relax meditation stress relief

How Meditation and Relaxation Can Improve Your Health

Stress has been proven to cause many negative health problems in the body such as acne, weight gain, headaches, body tension and overall physical and…

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relax lower stress calm zen

Five Simple Ways To De-Stress Your Life

In all the beauty, laughter and excitement life can bring us, there are of course times of stress. Stress is inevitable; No matter how hard…

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yoga stronger toner

How Yoga Can Strenthen and Tone

Some people are drawn to yoga for the spiritual aspect, mediation and relaxation. Others are drawn for the more physical, self-challenging aspect yoga can provide,…

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