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Back to School? Time to Find That New Routine

Whether you are a parent or student back to school time means new routines and new schedules. It can be tough to stick to your fitness tasks and you may even find yourself grabbing convenient meals packed with extra calories. Here are some ways to get back in the groove again.

When it comes to planning healthy routines for the week ahead it can simply boil down to four things; prioritizing, scheduling,
 planning meals and 
carrying snacks. All of these factors can help to control the amount of calories you consume, keeping you fit and in shape.

  • Prioritize. This means maximizing your time for preparing meals, working out and any other activities. Prioritizing your time allows you to get all the necessary activities accomplished and leaves you feeling satisfied and like you’ve achieved something. When looking at the week ahead its good to prioritize your time to maximize your outcomes.
  • Scheduling is also important. Scheduling when you go to sleep, wake up, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner – these are important things that, when scheduled, make your life so much easier and organized. Our bodies react well to schedules, so eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time daily is important in helping the body to regulate itself easier and helps with the digestive tract as well. Scheduling sleep times is also important in regulating the bodies system and keeping everything functioning like clockwork. Waking up at the same time every day starts the body on a positive note from the moment of awakening. Scheduling your workouts is also important. Try to workout the same time every day so your body can get used to the routine.
  • Planning meals can be great in controlling calorie intake. When you pack a lunch for you or perhaps your children, as opposed to buying out at a restaurant or school, you are aware of all the calories in the food and therefor in charge of exactly what’s being put in your body. There are tons of hidden calories in foods from stores, restaurants or cafeterias. When you pack a lunch filled with nutritious snacks with labels, or homemade entrees like tuna or egg salad, you can have a greater idea of how many calories will be in your meal. This is important for those looking to shed some pounds or become more in control of what you eat daily.

Get Organized and Handle New Routines

In conjunction with preparing meals, carrying healthy snacks is also important in staying healthy and keeping fit. Healthy snacks could include apple slices with honey, celery sticks with peanut butter, nuts, trail mix, or granola bars. Staying in the realm of fruits and vegetables for snacks is always a safe choice because they’re low in calories and fats. However, some fruits are high in sugars and carbohydrates so be careful not to over eat those foods.

Gearing up for autumn means getting back into the old routines or creating new ones. Whether you have a healthy lifestyle that works for you or you’re looking to switch up your habits, remembering to prioritize, schedule, plan meals and carry healthy snacks you’ll be on the right track at staying healthy, providing nutrients for your body and keeping physically fit.