cardio routine what is best for me

Cardio – When Is The Best Time For Me?

Doing cardio multiple times a week has been proven to promote healthy bodies. Studies have shown that performing physical activity on a consistent basis, not only burns calories but also helps to lose weight, strengthens your heart making it work less hard to pump blood throughout the body, increases lung capacity, reduces risk of heart attacks and high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. Consistent cardio activity also raises self-esteem, makes you feel positive, happy, promotes better and healthier sleep patterns and reduces stress. When it comes to incorporating cardio and physical activity into your daily life it’s not a matter of should you do it, but how you do it.

Firstly, when deciding which physical activity is right for you it’s important to distinguish your goals and desires. Do you want to lose weight or gain muscle? Do you like the gym, or need to be outside? Are you looking to tone, or get lean? You may have to try a bunch of things before finding out which form of cardio you enjoy best. Different workouts target different results in the body. However, the whole point of working out is to reach your target heart rate zone. According to, the most effective way to see results from your workout is by monitoring your exercise intensity and reaching the appropriate target heart rate zone. Your target heart rate zone is the rate of your heart when you are doing physical activity. Staying within that range is the best way to burn calories. You can use a heart rate monitor to track your heart rate during your workouts through websites and other applications. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, you can take your pulse for 6 seconds and count how many times your heart beats, then add a zero to get an estimate.

Find Cardio Routine That Works For You

There is no such thing as the ‘best’ cardio exercise. Workouts are subjective and physical activity is different depending on the person and the body type. It’s important to choose something that you enjoy and gets your heart rate up will work. It’s not necessarily the activity you are doing, but how hard you working at it. You can make any physical activity challenging and invigorating if you set that intention. If you’re not a gym person and prefer the outdoors, hit the trails and go outside. If you’re the type of person who likes to socialize consider group fitness classes, sports teams, clubs, or working out with a friend or family member. It’s also important to choose a workout you can see yourself doing at least 3 days a week and enjoying it. Incorporating cardio is fundamentally important in maintain optimum health.

Picking a convenient time to workout will help keep the activity consistent. Perhaps it’s when you get home from work, or in the morning before the day starts. Whenever the time, find something that works for you. Try not to force it, the more you force, the more you’ll dislike the activity. Some easily accessible workouts from the gym, at home or outside include running, bicycling, running up and down stairs, elliptical machines, swimming, walking, hiking, stair workouts, rowing, kickboxing, skiing, yoga, climbing, dancing, jump rope, and going on the treadmill.

However you choose to workout its important you include cardio into your daily schedule. Physical activity and cardio is not only healthy for the body, but it improves mental health in addition to improving physical stamina.