smart phone apps help lose weight

Cell Phone Apps That Help You Lose Weight

Technology is all around us. Cellphones have become a fundamental part of society making them almost a necessity. Not only have we completely forgotten what life was once like without cellphones, you can download an app for pretty much anything, including helping you to lose weight.

The introduction to the iphone has allowed for many new advances in the field of technology. Now we can customize our cellphones with programs that fit our individual needs. If your need is to lose weight, there are plenty of available applications that assist in weight control, food logs and food education. While some of the apps cost money, most of them are free and take nearly seconds to download. With the readily available presence of a cell phone app, it can make it easier for us to keep on track with diet and exercise by utilizing recent technology as a motivational booster. Below is a list of cell phone apps, some of them free of charge, that help in losing weight.

Fooducate – This application includes a barcode scanner. All you do is scan your food item with the Fooducate barcode scanner and it rates the food product on a nutritional grading scale. Included with the rating is an explanation about why the product received what grade, including information on ingredients and other helpful suggestions. If your food gets an A then you know you’re in good standing.

My Fitness Pal – This app helps you log your food each day to count calories, carbs, proteins, etc. You can scan barcodes or search food items, add them to your daily log and it counts the calories for you. You can also plug in your current weight and desired weight goal and the program will tell you how many calories you need to eat a day in order to reach your goal.

Map my Run – This application not only counts the calories you burn during your work out session, it also maps the area geographically that you have covered, including how many miles and rates per minute. This is helpful for runners looking to track their times and advance their practice. This application also comes in the form of hiking, called Map My Hike.

Use Your Cell Phone to Get in Shape

Touchfit – This is the first at home training application designed to evolve your personal workouts. The program provides combinations and different workouts. The program will pick routines for you designed to give you your desired results. The application monitors your performance and helps to reach your personal goals.

The Daily Burn – this application provides a plethora of different workouts ranging from bodyweight training to dance aerobics, kettle bells and yoga routines, this application provides something for everyone. It allows the freedom to explore different workouts and find the right one for you. This application is fun and diverse, with a library of over 100 full-length workouts, providing all different exercising and giving people a chance to explore possible options.

Other helpful applications include interval timers, sleep cycle timers, yoga aps that provide yoga sequences and 7-minute workouts.

Utilizing technology to benefit our bodies can be considered advancing in the use of digital devices. We use our cellphones every day and now we have a way to incorporate health and fitness into our daily routine, reminding us that keeping a workout schedule and committing to exercise plans are important and accessible.