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How to Curb Those Food Cravings

Sometimes when we eat food, it isn’t always because we are hungry. Sometimes we eat out of boredom, socially or just because. If you find yourself craving foods throughout the day and in between meals but you don’t want to over eat and spoil your appetite there may be some ways to curb your snack cravings.

If you’re the kind of person who gets hungry at work, it can be helpful to keep some healthy snacks at your desk or in your bag. Nuts, trail mix or granola some great snacks to keep around when you feel a hunger pang in your stomach. If you’re feeling hungry, try drinking a lot of water to see if your stomach feels full. Sometimes when we are hungry it’s really because we are thirsty.

Healthy Snacking Can Help You Fight Cravings

Whenever you’re craving some junk food a healthy alternative is veggie chips or wasabi peas. Cravings throughout the day can be uncomfortable and distracting. Eating a piece of fruit like a banana or apple is a good way to settle your stomach until the next mealtime. If you’re craving some chocolate, go for the simple dark chocolate chips and eat only a few. IF youre craving something salty go for salted nuts over potato chips. If you want something fried, tried tempura fried vegetables over fried chicken.

There are many ways to snack, so snacking healthfully is important. We all get hungry throughout the day so having healthy, nutritious snacks available to help calm your cravings is important. If you stick to a strict diet throughout the week then its okay to allot yourself one cheat day during the week where you can indulge in something sweet and fatty. After all, life’s too short to not eat a cupcake once in a while. Diets shouldn’t be painful. There should always be a little wiggle room to enjoy the delicious things in life. As long as you incorporate healthy snacks and meals, exercise and physical activity into your lifestyle, it’s okay to indulge every so often.