protein supplements, protien powders, vitamins, enhance workout, fitness and nutrition

Protein Powders , Supplements and More

Protein powder can be a great addition to your daily nutritional routine. Adding a vitamin powder supplement to a smoothie or blended drink adds a…

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breathing techniques health wellness fitness

Breathing Right Makes all the Difference – In Exercise and in Life

Breathing right is important in proper body function. When something obstructs the breathing canal, performing daily activities can be more difficult. Breathing properly during exercise…

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lose weight and eat foods you like

Keep Eating the Foods You Like and Still Lose the Weight

Weight control can be simple. It doesn’t have to be so complicated or overbearingly difficult. When thought of as a simple mathematical term, weight control…

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stay active at work, stretch at your desk, stay fit office

Fitness Tips – Keep Active While At Your Desk

If you’re sitting in a cubicle or in an office all day, it can be hard to get the adequate workouts your body needs throughout…

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weight loss diet nutrition fitness health and wellness

Weight Loss – It’s More Than Just A Numbers Game

If you’re embarking on a transitional journey towards a fit and healthy lifestyle or are someone looking to maintain a healthy weight by eating nutritiously and…

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cardio routine what is best for me

Cardio – When Is The Best Time For Me?

Doing cardio multiple times a week has been proven to promote healthy bodies. Studies have shown that performing physical activity on a consistent basis, not…

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weight lifting, strength training, weights for women burn fat lose weight

Lifting Weights – Some Myths You May Have Heard

Everyone has a different body type and fitness is quite subjective. Different fitness routines work for different people, so when others try to critique your…

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kids school new routine

Back to School? Time to Find That New Routine

Whether you are a parent or student back to school time means new routines and new schedules. It can be tough to stick to your…

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smart phone apps help lose weight

Cell Phone Apps That Help You Lose Weight

Technology is all around us. Cellphones have become a fundamental part of society making them almost a necessity. Not only have we completely forgotten what…

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yoga stronger toner

How Yoga Can Strenthen and Tone

Some people are drawn to yoga for the spiritual aspect, mediation and relaxation. Others are drawn for the more physical, self-challenging aspect yoga can provide,…

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