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Food Scale for Perfect Portion Control

Food Scale (Food Scale 1 Pack (Silver))

The Secret to Losing Weight & Cooking Delicious Meals Finally Revealed!

Simple Health Food Scale finally provides accuracy and precision in the Kitchen; enabling weight loss the ability to Cook gourmet meals just like you’ve been searching for.

Whether you’re an experienced Chef or Personal Trainer, the Food Scale by Simple Health Global is the top choice of Gourmet Chefs and Personal Trainers worldwide

? Designed with high quality precision sensor that provides accurate readings

? Provides flexibility; simply press the “Unit” button, weigh your Food in either Pounds, Grams AND Ounces!

? Removable Glass plate allows for easy storage; cleaning the scale takes just seconds

? Hand-crafted small footprint design takes up very little space, is easily portable

? Enhances your meals, allows you to track macros, eating habits for quick and long lasting results!

? Auto shut off feature after several minutes allows you to save battery life, remain eco-friendly!

Stop Dealing with Inaccurate & Cheap Scales Once and For All.

– Cooking: Easily Follow Recipes, Ingredients

– Flexibility: Laser Precision Accuracy in Pounds, Grams AND Ounces

– Diabetics: Easily Track your Carbs, Sugar intake

– Athletes: Whether You’re a Runner, BodyBuilder or a CrossFit Expert, Our Food Scale Helps You Keep Track of Macros & Food Intake!

– Weight Loss: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, HMR Diet, Paleo, Atkins / Low-Carb, more!

The Food Scale by Simple Health is built with durability, lasts for a lifetime of use, is super simple to operate. Simply place the battery in, press “On”, begin weighing your food – Easy!

As with all of our products, the Simple Health Food Scale is backed by our Lifetime Guarantee and No Questions Asked Return Policy. Get Yours Today!

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