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Give Your Life a Fall Makeover

The coming of autumn brings all types of changes – the wind gets crisper, leaves are falling all around, and pumpkins start popping up everywhere. Why not use this opportunity to bring about some change in your own life as well? Whether you’re looking to mix up your workout routine or move ahead into a new chapter in life this could be the perfect time.

Sometimes throughout the monotony of daily life we can get caught in the same routine, performing the same tasks on the same schedule everyday. However, when the seasons change it’s a natural reminder from mother earth that change can be outside of ourselves, and it’s easier to go with the flow. So in the spirit of changing with the seasons let’s shed some of the old and prepare for something new! Here are just a few ideas to help you get started:

  • If you know your way around the kitchen try some new recipes that capture the wonderful fall flavors. Never made a pumpkin pureed soup? Give it a try! Incorporate new spices and flavors into your autumn lifestyle. Utilizing vegetables and fruits in season makes for more nutritious meals, so get friendly with those root vegetables. Find an easy recipe and hit the kitchen, cook for some friends and try new foods. Acclimate your tongue to flavors as the winter months approach.
  • Another way to brighten your life or add that spark you’ve been looking for is a bit of redecorating. Is there a section of your home that could use some color or flair? Now’s a great time for a simple DYI project. You’d be surprised what a fresh coat of paint and a few knick·knacks can do to to liven up the place!
  •  You could start a new book. Diving deep into an awesome new book could give you something to cuddle up with before bed.
  • Any arts and crafts allow you to express your creative side and explore ideas.
  • Have you been on a great work out kick and want to show off your bod? Hit the stores and treat yourself to some
 new clothes. Now that you’ve been working out 
it’s good to reward yourself with something special.
  • Or maybe try a new workout activity. Are you normally a runner? Try taking a fun class at the gym or join a runners group and get social with it.
  • Maybe you’ve been stuck in the urban jungle for too long, so take a short vacation, even if it’s for the weekend. Head up to the mountains, or down to a beach if you can. Either way, take a little break, relax re-charge and come back fully energized to take on whatever challenges the autumn winds may blow your way.
  • Other ideas are take a cooking class, see a new movie, start writing a book, hike a trail you’ve never been on, see an old friend, shop at a farmers market you’ve never been to, try a new food, taste different spices or bake something fun.

Dare, explore, invent, create. Fall is about staying warm, having fun, and enjoying all the beautiful colors and flavors that come with the season. Enjoy the coming months and the changes that they bring!

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