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Protein Powders , Supplements and More

Protein powder can be a great addition to your daily nutritional routine. Adding a vitamin powder supplement to a smoothie or blended drink adds a…

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The Key to a Healthy Life is Balance

Balance is the key to life. We have heard this saying time and time again, but it’s true. Everything in life is about balance. So…

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Staying Healthy During Fall and Winter Months

Staying healthy during the winter months can be pretty difficult, especially with everyone around you succumbing to the latest cold and flu virus going around….

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Breathing Right Makes all the Difference – In Exercise and in Life

Breathing right is important in proper body function. When something obstructs the breathing canal, performing daily activities can be more difficult. Breathing properly during exercise…

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Give Your Life a Fall Makeover

The coming of autumn brings all types of changes – the wind gets crisper, leaves are falling all around, and pumpkins start popping up everywhere….

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Refined Sugars, Healthy Substitutes and Other Alternatives

Sugar has been linked to negative health problems such as weight gain, depression and obesity. According to, refined sugars have direct links to causing…

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Oils; Which Are Good For You and Why

When it comes to cooking oils there’s plenty to choose from, making options in the grocery store overabundant and sometimes overwhelming to decide which to…

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Cell Phone Apps That Help You Lose Weight

Technology is all around us. Cellphones have become a fundamental part of society making them almost a necessity. Not only have we completely forgotten what…

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