lose weight and eat foods you like

Keep Eating the Foods You Like and Still Lose the Weight

Weight control can be simple. It doesn’t have to be so complicated or overbearingly difficult. When thought of as a simple mathematical term, weight control and weight loss breaks down fairly easily; it is all about calories in and calories out.

Every body has a calorie limit they can reach before exceeding the calorie intake for the day. When the body consumes excess calories and sugars it can be stored as fat making your body prone for bloating and weight gain. If you go over your caloric limit per day you can be prone to weight gain. The first step in controlling your weight is knowing how many calories you should consume in a day.

After you have come up with a number for how many calories you should consume per day, exercise then comes into play. It’s necessary to balance the amount of calories consumed with the amount of calories burned. Burning calories is important in weight loss.

Portion control is also extremely important in weight control and weight loss. Overly large portion sizes lead to excess calories, making the caloric input greater than calories burned in a day. If you have lazy days or weeks with no exercise it’s good to eat light to counterbalance the lack of physical activity. Portion sizes are crucial in controlling food intake. Large portions can lead to an unbalanced diet, which can play a huge part in weight gain. Despite diet fads, chic or cool diets and the plethora of old, new and trending diet crazes lately, such as the “low fat”, the “low carb”, the “no carb” and the paleo diet to name a few, it’s not trendy diet fads that make you healthy or promote balanced wholesome diets. If you think about it, what’s really important when it comes to healthy, nutritious and wholesome balanced diets is getting the appropriate amount of fruits, vegetables and other nutrients your body needs without over doing it.

Lose Weight By Watching Portions

Proper eating means still allowing yourself to have the foods you enjoy, such as breaded chicken versus grilled, or buttered steak over fish, but watching the portion size in conjunction with how many calories you’ve had that day versus how many calories burned. Life is too short not to indulge once in a while for the foods you love as long as you have a healthy balance.

Another way to control weight and weight gain is healthy snacking between meals. This can help keep meal portion sizes down. By eating healthy snacks between meals such as carrot sticks or celery and peanut butter, it calms the stomach and hunger pangs so you’re not ravenous at dinner. Waiting until you feel starving can lead to overeating. You want to control hunger by controlling portion size and in turn controlling calorie intake.

Your body is designed to consume a certain amount of calories per day. As long as your food consumptions remains in the realm of what’s healthy, your body shouldn’t gain weight. Every body is different, however, and the most important thing is what works for you, what makes you feel healthy and what makes you the best version of yourself.