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Lifting Weights – Some Myths You May Have Heard

Everyone has a different body type and fitness is quite subjective. Different fitness routines work for different people, so when others try to critique your workouts, they may not always be speaking fact. When it comes to lifting weights, there are many different opinions on what works and what doesn’t. Here are some the myths behind weight lifting and some truth about the benefits of pumping iron.

  • A common misconception is that lot of people think weight lifting is dangerous. However, if you know the proper movements lifting weights is actually very beneficial.
  • Weight machines have the reputation to be safer than free weights. Free weight lifting does not produce more injuries compared to machines when you know how to properly use them. Attempting to do any workout without proper knowledge of how the activity is executed can cause damage to anyone. So knowing what you’re doing is a good start. Injuries from weight lifting are lower than in any other sport and weight lifting is also used for rehabilitation because it can prevent and fix injuries.
  • Another myth is that weight lifting is bad for your joints. Despite what people say, weight lifting can be less stressful on your joints than running because it involves controlled, non-impact movements. According to stronglifts.com, weight lifting, especially strength training, increase the health of your joints by strengthening the muscles and the ligaments holding them together.
  • People claim that weight lifting causes high blood pressure. Strongbite.com says, “Your blood pressure increases when you lift heavy weights, but it returns to normal after finishing your set. That’s how lifting improves your cardiovascular fitness. People who lift weights with the focus on strength training have lower blood pressures than people who don’t exercise. Studies show that regular weight lifting lowers your systolic & diastolic blood pressure.”
  • One of the main myths of weight lifting is it makes you bulky. Because Mmuscle is denser than fat and muscle burns fat, you’ll look slimmer at the same body-weight if you increase your muscle mass. Also, another myth is weight lifting makes women bulky.

Weight Lifting Burns Fat, Builds Muscle

Women can use weight lifting as a way to build muscle, get stronger and improve overall physique. But this doesn’t mean the end result will be a body builder. Building muscle mass is good for both men and women.

If you use proper technique at the gym, perform workouts properly and safely, weight lifting is nothing but beneficial for your body. Have a friend spot you to check your form, or use a mirror. Proper technique is everything when it comes to lifting weights the right way and seeing results.

Whatever the myths are, know your facts. Talk to a trainer, read a book, or spend some time watching people at the gym. Forget about the myths and get to the truth. Weigh lifting can be great for your body and build muscle if you’re using the weights properly and performing the workouts with correct form. It’s important to notice your body and the way it feels before and after working out. Listen to your body, don’t over do it, and challenge yourself. You’ll be seeing results before you know it!