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Running – Have Fun and Avoid Injuries

Running is like walking; it’s in our primal nature. Our bodies just know how to do it. We don’t need technology or equipment to help us run. Sure it may add to the experience, a little music or a treadmill, but running is something nature just instills in the main functions of our bodies. All we need is some protective, supportive foot wear and our bodies just know that if we place one foot in front the other, we will run. It’s who we are.

If you are an experienced runner or looking to develop a steady routine, there are ways to keep your exercise exciting and fun, while strengthening your body and maintaining a healthy physique. It all starts with a solid pair of running shoes.

Wearing the right shoes while running will help support your ankles and knees while keeping your body from being sore in the wrong way. There’s a reason they make specific types of shoes for runners. According to a report by The American Council on Exercise, midsole cushioning is one of the most important benefits associated with the use of running shoes. The American College of Sports Medicine supports midsole cushioning by stating that the foot cushioning provided by running shoes can reduce some of the stress placed on the heel, ankles and toes while running and can also help to prevent pain in the knees, hips and back, making the exercise a safer, more comfortable activity.

Next to proper footwear, stretching and warm ups are the next important factor when keeping your running routine safe, exciting and fun. Stretching and warming up benefit blood flow and acclimate your body to the physical movements it is about to endure. Stretching is thought to improve athletic performance, decrease the risk of injury, while also improving the flexibility and range of motion in your joints. Better flexibility helps your joints to move their full range of motion allowing your muscles to work effectively and to their potential.

Running Has A Positive Impact On Mind, Body

So we’ve got the right shoes on and we’ve done our warm up, now it’s time to zone in and tune out. Headphones are exceptional for this. If you’re going for a run and want to get in the zone, what better way then to rock out to your favorite tunes and shut off the world? Make a playlist, turn up the volume and hit the road. You’ll find that the music can be meditative in helping you relax your mind, forget about the fact that your “working out” and enjoy the music while focusing on the road ahead.

We all know how important exercising is, but it seems each year more research is released discussing the positive attributes of running for your mind and body. Studies have shown that running decreases stress and can make you happier, hence the term “runners high”. The “high” sensation is due to the feeling of positive hormones called endocannabinoids. In 2006, researchers found in a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, that exercising for as little as thirty minutes could immediately raise the mood and emotions of someone suffering from a case of depression. Running also helps maintain body weight by burning calories, keeps your vitality, strengthens your body and leaves you feeling healthy, happy and energized.

So, where you running off to?