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Staying Healthy During Fall and Winter Months

Staying healthy during the winter months can be pretty difficult, especially with everyone around you succumbing to the latest cold and flu virus going around. There are plenty of ways to avoid getting sick however, so don’t be scared of the dark winter months ahead. You can properly plan for them by figuring out foods, work out routines and other things to do inside during the cold to stay healthy.

Cooking can be beneficial in the winter. When it’s too cold and you don’t feel like going out, it’s nice to take some time to prep and cook a meal. Find healthy, hearty recipes such as soups, crock pot recipes, or other one pot meals that are easy to make, warm the body, and keep you vitalized in the colder months. Pureed soups work great and stews, rice dishes and other saucy meals work in the winter to provide you the calories you need and the vitamins your body craves.

Finding exercises to do in your home or at the gym are good ways to stay active. If you’re the type of person who exercises outside, switch it up and find something you enjoy doing indoors. Take a class at the gym, go to a yoga studio, or simply jump rope in your living room. Whatever you like to do, find it and make a routine out of it. Working out is only beneficial if it’s consistent. Dancing is also a great indoor workout that’s fun, easy and free! Just put on some music and let yourself go.

Also, in the winter it’s important you receive all the vitamins you need. Vitamin D is a very powerful ally in the fight against the cold and flu virus as it helps bolster the immune system. The National Institutes of Health states that “[d]eficiency in vitamin D is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as an increased susceptibility to infection,” so get your vitamin D! Irons and proteins are very helpful as well.

Staying Healthy Means Staying Active, Proper Nutrition

Sleep is also important. Like bears, we humans tend to go into hibernation mode as well. When the days are darker and colder we tend to be more lethargic and tired. Getting adequate sleep throughout the winter months is fundamentally important so you can stay energized when the sun comes up. Our bodies shift with the changes of nature, so when it’s darker out and you notice you’re more tired, take an extra nap or sleep a few extra hours at night or in the morning.

When staying healthy in the winter months the most important factors are continuing to stay active by incorporating a exercise routine for at least three days a week, and also incorporating healthy, hearty and wholesome recipes and meals into your daily life. Warming or spicy foods are helpful in heating the body and boosting the metabolism. Spicy broths work great for this. Put on a comfy sweater and curl up with a cup of tea, winter is about being comfortable, warm and staying healthy through those rough snowy months.