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Oils; Which Are Good For You and Why

When it comes to cooking oils there’s plenty to choose from, making options in the grocery store overabundant and sometimes overwhelming to decide which to…

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smart phone apps help lose weight

Cell Phone Apps That Help You Lose Weight

Technology is all around us. Cellphones have become a fundamental part of society making them almost a necessity. Not only have we completely forgotten what…

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yoga stronger toner

How Yoga Can Strenthen and Tone

Some people are drawn to yoga for the spiritual aspect, mediation and relaxation. Others are drawn for the more physical, self-challenging aspect yoga can provide,…

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Summer Foods For Weight Loss

Fruits and vegetables are important to eat all year but when the summer comes it feels like our bodies yearn even more for the natural,…

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Running – Have Fun and Avoid Injuries

Running is like walking; it’s in our primal nature. Our bodies just know how to do it. We don’t need technology or equipment to help…

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