exercise when working out not your thing

Working Out When Exercise Isn’t Your Thing

Everyone knows working out can suck. Let’s just be honest. For some, the thought of the gym, weight lifting and aggressive trainers can leave people running for the hills. However, with the wealth of knowledge we have today, it’s undoubtedly true that physical activity is beyond necessary in maintaining a healthy body. So, the struggle then becomes a battle of maintaining and keeping an exercise routine without hating every second of it.

If you’re feeling like you’re not sure where to star, try everything. Take classes, try different machines at the gym, run outside, walk, skip, jump rope, hula hoop, dance – do anything and everything until you find something you like, even if it’s only a little bit. Enjoying the exercise process starts by enjoying what you’re doing. Forcing yourself to exert energy in physical activity will be worlds harder when you hate the activity itself. And hey, anything that makes you sweat is work out, even if it’s walking the dog.

It’s all about your attitude. If you surrender to the understanding that your mindset, perception and attitude manifest the surrounding environment, you can hold the power to create a world that’s motivational and positive. Sometimes staying self-motivated can be tough and it’s okay to reach to outside sources for help. Motivation boards with pictures, setting goals and achieving them are just a couple examples of how you can stay personally motivated. Creating workout challenges with your friends and family can also help you stay focused and motivated.

How to Find the Drive to Get in Shape

Most importantly, once you have found what you like (or semi-like) doing, the trick is to keep going. Staying consistent with your workouts and exercise routine is monumental when trying to reach goals and see changes in your body. Working out once a week won’t be enough to reach substantial goals. The human body reacts well to scheduling. When the body works on a schedule it can maintain equilibrium, allowing the body to function like clockwork. Choosing a workout schedule and staying consistent is just as important in maximizing health as eating breakfast in the morning. Routines are important.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Being healthy shouldn’t be a dreaded task. Keep it simple, fun and enjoyable so you want to work out. IF you feel like you hate your work out it will be difficult to motivate yourself on a daily basis.

If you’re looking to take a break from conventional workout norms, trying different classes at the local gym or studio can help expand your exercise knowledge. Zumba, kickboxing and dance classes are fun, different and exciting ways to keep your workout schedule interesting. Other nonconventional workouts could be rock climbing, yoga, tai chi, poi, belly dancing, pole dancing and hip hop. Sometimes it’s just easiest to go for a brisk walk in the neighborhood, or hike in the local woods.

However you find movement, it’s important to maintain exercise in your life. Keeping your work out fun and enjoyable is necessary in keeping yourself motivated and ensuring your routine stays consistent. Put on some head phones, grab a friend or go in peace – as long as you are moving your body, exerting, sweating and using muscle your body is burning calories, keeping you vitalized, your health high and your vibe positive.